SS Apartment

This project refers to the redesigning of a T1 apartment (46 m2), located in attic flat of a 70’s building, situated in a privileged area of Sever do Vouga.

The social room of the building was firstly East facing while the cosy area was West facing. The main goal of the reconstruction was to change both social and cosy areas to the opposite side, allowing a better sun exposure which also made it possible to use the contiguous balcony.

It was also created a box inside the apartment, cleary distiguished with the usage of another colour, where other facilities, such as toilet, kitchen and machines, were placed.

. Confidential
local. Sever do Vouga . Portugal
gross area.  46 sqm
status. built
year.  2015

photograph.  Its. Ivo Tavares Studio.


my private spa _ braun publishing


nominated at Obra do Ano’17 awards by archdaily brasil _ ss apartment
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